The best e-bike

The best e-bike

The best e-bike


To build the best e-bike, Multicyle has chosen to work with the best suppliers in the market. Careful selection of top components ensures that you will find the best possible composition of parts on a Multicycle bicycle.

Beste e-bike bouwen

The best e-bikes are developed and built by Multicycle. Proven quality is our starting point and the basis of the best e-bikes in the Netherlands. Multicycle is very passionate about making the most beautiful, lightest and best e-bike. Our professionals are working on this every day. The e-bikes that are now leaving the factory are the result of a clear strategy, many innovations and quality processes developed entirely in-house. We now dare to say with conviction that technologically we make the lightest and best e-bike in which only the very best materials have been used.

Quality over quantity

Every e-bike sold counts. Mass production for the “average cyclist” is the terrain of the competitors. Building the best e-bike by hand for the quality-conscious, individual cyclist is the trademark of Multicycle. Each e-bike is built by hand with great passion by a team of skilled mechanics and undergoes a thorough final inspection. this is the only way to get the best e-bike as a customer!