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Since 1977

About us

Multicycle was founded in 1977 by Nico Bieleveldt and his wife in the Achterhoek. During that time, the demand for recreational bicycles grew, but the user-friendliness often left much to be desired. Multicycle responded to this with handmade bicycles that offered comfort and quality. From day one, the passion of the professionals at Multicycle led to innovation.

With the handmade quality bicycles that Nico Bieleveldt designed at the time, he laid the foundation for the current Multicycle. He already distinguished himself with the beautiful, light handmade bicycles with an emphasis on comfort and quality, from a sporty basis. And that has never changed.

We have grown into a modern company where committed professionals with an eye for detail design, develop and produce exclusive and high-quality touring bicycles. And always driven by high-quality Dutch craftsmanship. At Multicycle we make bicycles with passion and this passion is reflected in every Multicycle bicycle.

Beautiful moments

Mooie momenten maakt u op uw Multicycle fiets. Waar fietst u naar toe? Laat u inspireren door onze fietsroutes, die we speciaal voor u hebben samengesteld. Wij wensen u in ieder geval al veel fietsplezier!

High-quality and timeless design. Subtle and refined. Ergonomic and comfortable. Dutch quality. This is Multicycle.