Lightweight e-bike

Lightweight e-bike

Lightweight e-bike

Comfortable and smooth cycling

Multicycle’s lightweight e-bike sets new standards. There is no bicycle that rides as light and smooth as a Multicycle e-bike, even without support. In addition, our e-bikes are very lightweight. In fact, our e-bikes are among the lightest in the recreational cycling market. Our lightweight e-bikes are built for recreational cycling and sports use, but also for commuting. Lightweight, comfort and safety are the calling cards of our e-bike. Discover recreational cycling on a Multicycle e-bike.

recreational cycling on a lightweight e-bike

The Dutch are the inventors of recreational cycling. Our country is asking for it with the lightweight e-bike from Multicycle:

  • 35,000 kilometers of cycle path
  • nationally connected nodes
  • more than 2,000 e-bike charging points along recreational cycling routes
  • Wide range of bicycle carriers

Sportiness and comfort make the difference between exercise and recreational cycling. Multicycle builds a smooth-riding and lightweight e-bike. Also ideal to take on the back of the car for recreational cycling outside your own region.

Comfortable sporty and lightweight e-bike cycling

Multicycle is at the forefront when it comes to a lightweight e-bike. Due to the low weight, the e-bike is manageable and light enough to put on the back of the car. Due to the low weight, recreational cycling is even more fun! Sportiness and a lightweight e-bike go hand in hand at Multicycle.