Leasing a multicycle e-bike for business

Leasing a multicycle e-bike for business

Leasing a multicycle e-bike for business

Leasing a multicycle e-bike for business

From 1 January 2020, employers and employees can lease an e-bike from the company in a tax-attractive way. An employee pays only a seven percent addition and is allowed to use the bicycle in private time. Multicycle e-bikes are excellent for daily commuting. Below you can read everything about the business leasing of a Multicycle e-bike.

Why lease a multicycle e-bike for business?

By leasing a Multicycle e-bike for business, an employee does experience the quality of Multicycle, but he or she does not lose the costs for the purchase in one go. From 1 January 2020, it is fiscally attractive to lease a company bicycle. This is an attractive fringe benefit for many employees. It means that they already lease a Multicycle e-bike from € 76 per month.

And that’s not the only benefit. Further:

  • the employee can always go to a Multicycle dealer in the area;
  • leasing includes costs for repair and regular maintenance and replacement of the tires in case of wear, so there are no additional costs;
  • is the insurance theft / hull insurance included in the lease contract;
  • your employee receives roadside assistance.

How does it work?

Your employee can choose an e-bike from a Multicycle dealer near him or her. The dealer can issue a lease quote for your employee directly in the bicycle shop. Your employee can then ask HR for an agreement with the lease quote. Human Resources then also passes the agreement on to the lease company and the lease company sends the lease agreement to the employer / HR department for signature.

Na de leaseperiode

The lease term lasts 36 months. After the lease period, your employee can decide what to do. For example, they can choose to buy the bicycle, end the lease or start a new lease.

Why a lease bike?

With a Multicycle lease bike you can cover extra healthy kilometers. And that is interesting for both employees and employers. A daily bike ride makes employees 30% more productive and effective. There is also less risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Finally, absenteeism decreases by at least 10 percent!