Lease a multicycle e-bike privately

Lease a multicycle e-bike privately

Lease a multicycle e-bike privately

Lease a multicycle e-bike privately

Multicycle was founded in 1977 by Nico Bieleveldt and his wife in the Achterhoek. During that time, the demand for recreational bicycles grew, but the user-friendliness often left much to be desired. Multicycle responded to this with handmade bicycles that offered comfort and quality. From day one, the passion of the professionals at Multicycle led to innovation.

Why privately lease a multicycle e-bike?

Do you want the quality of a Multicycle e-bike, but do not want to lose the costs for the purchase all at once? Then the private leasing of a Multicycle e-bike is a good option. With a private lease you can cycle on your e-bike for as little as 76 euros per month!

And that’s not the only benefit. Further:

  • you can always contact a Multicycle dealer near you;
  • you don’t have to worry about repairs, maintenance and insurance: this is included in the lease plan;
  • you receive roadside assistance.

How does it work?

You can choose an e-bike from a Multicycle dealer near you. The dealer then ensures that the lease is arranged. Once this has been arranged, you can enjoy your Multicycle e-bike.

You can also arrange your Multicycle e-bike private lease yourself.

Na de leaseperiode

The lease term lasts 36 months. After the lease period, you can decide for yourself what to do. For example, you can choose to buy the bicycle, end the lease or start a new lease.

Why a lease bike?

With a Multicycle lease bike you can cover extra healthy kilometers. A daily bike ride makes you 30% more productive and effective. You also have less chance of diabetes and cardiovascular disease!