Multicycle bicycles with a mid-engine

Multicycle bicycles with a mid-engine


Multicycle e-bikes with a mid-engine

For the best driving experience, choose an electric bicycle with a mid-engine. With a mid-mounted motor, your bicycle is nicely balanced, because the motor is placed low and in the middle of your bicycle. You will certainly notice this stability when you go out by bike. A mid-engine is incorporated in the bottom bracket of the bicycle. This has many advantages. By mounting the weight of the motor at the lowest point, the bicycle is very stable. The mid-engine drives the chain and not the wheels. This ensures that the e-bike is just as smooth and manoeuvrable as a normal bicycle.

All our models feature only the very best mid-engines. At Multicycle we strive for quality and comfort, which is why we only use Shimano mid-motors.

Shimano mid-engine

The Shimano STEPS mid-motors have a very high peak power, which provides smooth support when cycling uphill and accelerating.

This engine is also optimized for electronic gear shifting. A combination that guarantees perfect shifting performance. The pedal assistance is very intelligent and designed for use in all situations: from the busy city to the quiet country roads. Furthermore, the engine is economical, powerful and reliable in all weather conditions.

In short:

  • Great peak power
  • Smooth support
  • Electronic shifting
  • Reliable

Shimano mid-engine

Prestige EMS

Legacy EMB

Voyage EMI

Solo EMS

Solo EMI