Driven by quality

Driven by quality

Since 1977

Driven by quality

Multicycle was founded 40 years ago in the Achterhoekse Ulft by Nico Bieleveldt and his wife. With the handmade quality bicycles that Nico designed at the time, he laid the foundation for the current Multicycle. He already distinguished himself with the beautiful, light handmade bicycles with an emphasis on comfort and quality, from a sporty basis. And that has never changed.

Craftsmanship and quality

We have grown into a modern company where committed professionals with an eye for detail design, develop and produce exclusive and high-quality e-bikes. And always driven by quality, with fantastic cycling as a starting point.

Bikes that suit you

A bicycle should suit you. In appearance and appearance, but also in use. You should feel free and proud of your Multicycle! We think beyond technology alone, but immerse ourselves in your perception of the world. What could be even better, how can we push the boundaries even further?

Recreational electric bicycle

The recreational electric bicycle ensures that cycling is fun again in the Netherlands. Long cycle paths and headwind are no longer a match with an electric bicycle from Multicycle. Distance gets a different dimension on an electric bicycle, every bike ride becomes an experience journey.

Perfect finish of the bike

The bicycle is a product that you can and want to be seen with. And we think so too. All bicycles are developed and designed in-house. We take the time to design and develop a bicycle in detail, we never compromise on this. A Multicycle uses the most modern techniques and has a contemporary and sustainable design. The components are subtly integrated into the design. As few welds as possible in the frame and the cables have been concealed. Every detail has been thought through and this leads to the most beautiful bike.