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Chain drive

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We think about every detail of the bike. The bicycle chain is also a part that contributes a lot to the comfort of the bicycle. The bicycle chains we use are from the top brands KMC and Shimano. This way we always guarantee you a pleasant cycling experience.

Multicycle always opts for quality. That is why we install the KMC Longlife bicycle chain as standard on the Legacy EFB, among others. The KMC Longlife chain is provided with a special surface treatment of the metal. And in addition, the pins between the links are made of stronger material. This allows the chain to handle higher loads. This is especially useful with electric bicycles. The KMC longlife lasts up to three times longer than a normal bicycle chain. The KMC Longlife chain is a lot lighter in weight than a normal chain. Together with the guaranteed smooth running, this will contribute to the comfort on the bike.

On several models, the drive power is transferred by means of a belt instead of a chain. The difference is in a few aspects. A belt does not require maintenance. After all, there are no moving parts in it. A belt also does not need lubricants. This is a great advantage with an open chain guard. A belt is also suitable for high loads. So ideal for e-bikes with a mid-engine. A disadvantage is that a belt does not work in combination with a derailleur. A derailleur can be found in the most sporty bikes.

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