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5 year warranty on your multicycle battery

At Multicycle we like to see you create beautiful moments on your Multicycle. That is why our e-bikes have been extensively tested and equipped with the very best batteries. Multicycle stands for high-quality craftsmanship and you will notice it. And to offer you even more security, you now receive a 5-year warranty on your battery!

Warranty Multicycle battery

Our bicycles are designed, produced and tested with care. Nothing is left to chance. All our e-bikes are equipped with the very best and most powerful battery. We think it is very important that you can travel with your e-bike without any worries. Even if there is an unexpected problem with the battery. That is why Multicycle now offers a 5-year warranty on your battery!

Register 5 year warranty

After registering for warranty, you will receive a warranty on your e-bike battery in the third, fourth and fifth year after purchase. You can read how this works here.

Please note: this promotion is only valid for models from 2019 and not for tandems!

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