Voyage EMI € 2.999,-

City bike with style

Voyage EMI € 2.999,-

The Voyage EMI is a sporty, perfectly finished city bike. Effortless cycling fun is guaranteed. The built-in 500Wh battery, concealed weld seams and internally routed cables provide a refined appearance.

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Economical, powerful and reliable: the combination of the Shimano STEPS E6100 motor with the 504 Wh integrated battery makes the Voyage EMI a bike to enjoy. The motor is very light, has an extremely low noise level and contains smooth and intelligent pedal assistance. As a result, you not only cycle smoother, quieter and lighter, but you also ride a lot further. Ideal for long bike rides!


Due to the combination of the Shimano STEPS motors, the internal Di2-Nexus 8 hub gear, the Shimano display and the drivetrain, fully automatic shifting is possible. The STEPS system automatically signals the hub to shift into the correct gear. This allows you to optimally enjoy the environment!


The Voyage EMI e-bike has perfect Tour tires from Vredestein. These tires offer many advantages. They have a low rolling resistance and are very puncture resistant. They are 47 millimeters wide, so you have an excellent grip and can cycle very comfortably. These tires offer the best cycling performance and you will notice that immediately when you go on a bike ride!