Electric bike

Electric bike

Electric bike

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Distance, wind and age no longer play a role with an e-bike. Comfort, convenience and durability are paramount. The electric bicycle pushes boundaries. Due to the low weight of the Multicycle electric bicycle, it is possible to take the electric bicycle with you on the back of the bicycle carrier. This way you can also enjoy your electric bicycle on holiday or during a day out.

Recreational electric bicycle

The recreational electric bicycle ensures that cycling is fun again in the Netherlands. Long cycle paths and headwind are no longer a match with an electric bicycle from Multicycle. Distance gets a different dimension on an electric bicycle, every bike ride becomes an experience journey.

Sustainable electric bicycle

Many people opt for an electric bicycle over driving a car. This marks a turning point in the history of mobility. The monopoly of the car in long-distance commuting traffic no longer exists. The environmentally conscious commuter is discovering the enormous benefits of an electric bicycle when it comes to sustainability. An electric bicycle:

  • is clean
  • is silent
  • is economical
  • does not seize the increasingly scarce fossil fuels

On a Multicycle electric bicycle, it is not only comfortable, but also responsible cycling!