e-bike mobility


Multicycle e-bikes get you moving

Electrically assisted or not: cycling gets you moving. But: the e-bike continues where the traditional bicycle ends. Greater distances come within reach with an e-bike. And thanks to the e-bike, the Dutch cycle through an age that was unimaginable until recently.

Electric mobility with an e-bike

Electric mobility is the future, with the e-bike in the lead. Due to the large supported range with the batteries, the user-friendly support and quiet & light engines, the e-bike is an attractive and good alternative for the car, motorcycle and / or scooter. The e-bike is a profit for you, for our health and the environment.

Sustainable lifestyle with an e-bike

The calculating cyclist has made way for the conscious cyclist. Sustainability, simplicity and practicality are the pillars on which the Achterhoek Multicycle rests. You can see it in the design of our e-bike: contemporary, sporty and durable; made for the convenience of the discerning cyclist.